Honduras San Pedro East Mission

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What's New 5/29/17 Memorial Day

Gotta stay fresh in your minds so here's another email. Well right now we have some pretty good investigators. One is this guy who has 75 years. His name is Charidad! He has this massive tumor on his neck and other some ones on his arms and different  places. But hes a super sweet guy and is always asking us when were coming back and when we have church again. Hes a little bit slower but is always so happy. He lives on less than $100 a month.
Another guy we have right now is Luis! We met him in a gas station here. He actually gave us a self reference. Turns out he lived in New York for a while and went to our church for 2 years! Never was baptized. Hes just scared of making a covenant with God, but if you have enough knowledge to be scared of doing it... You'd better do it. Anyways we taught him the plan of salvation and he has a ton of great questions! All he has to do is pray and I know he will receive the testimony hes looking for. He has some huge challenges that need to be overcome first, but he is humble enough to do it. Hes such a cool guy. 
These are just 2 of the amazing people were teaching right now. Anyways other than that  just been working here. another good week here in Tela.
Shout out to my cousins who got their mission calls recently Jessica to London and Jordan to Hawaii! You guys are awesome!
Love 💟
Elder Gardner

Wow! thats a lot of stuff that happened this week. thats awesome Brennen got offered a job just by his handshake, concrete is something i wanted to learn. but either way both are great options and he will learn a ton. hard work but good skills to know. yeah its true bro palmer has a lot of employees right now, but Ryans trying to get hired by one of the police departments so who knows. Thats crazy Dallin came home, but good that he doesnt have to deal with all the stress. congrats Jordan! ill do a shout out for them.
this week ive been pretty sick, i have something with my stomach. i wasnt able to eat a lot, i always feel pretty feel, basically my stomach wont process the food into my intestines if i dont take pepto bismal. But the nurse is one of the senior couple and im going to talk to her tomorrow to see what she thinks, and what i should do.its been kind of scary really. but other than that ive been doing not too bad! love you mom!

nice dad! sounds busy. for lessons if you want more participation, what i did is just split up the sections in the manual, 3 or 4 people have each section read it and discuss it, then we come together after a time and go through each section. we had a ton of participation when i did it like that. love you dad sounds like a lot of fun things coming up!

Week of Changes 5/22/17

Well this week has been very interesting! one of the elders in the other branch here did something dumb and got sent home. So the other elder from that branch has been with us in a trio! its been pretty fun. He has been called as a zone leader in a different zone and  leaves on wednesday. its been interesting.  me and my companion will be staying here for another transfer. we still have a lot to do and not enough time! one thing i miss is real hamburgers, they have an interpretation of a hamburger here but it is very far from a true hamburger. as i was thinking about my hamburger problem, i came to a conclusion that this applies to the gospel. but how? the hamburgers here, from a glimpse appear to be all they should, and that you imagine would be. but as you take the first bite, you realize several things.. 
1 theres not enough meat on it, and they flavor is not what you expect. often times in our lives we think we have reached perfection, only to find out the hard way that imperfection is an easier goal. but it need not be! through the gospel we all can reach our level of perfection, through Jesus Christ. This hamburger, in this life may not be able to fulfil its level of tasteness that it deserves, but someday yes. other sidenote, maybe it might just be us that needs to change our perspective. in the meanwhile, all we can do is add more ketchup. 
2. well this one is more of an extension of the first problem, but here we go. its an insufficient bread ratio. there is twice the amount of bread than is necessary. in a sense, the bun is trying to make it appear more holy than it actually is. in our lives, often we say the words, but forget about the actual doing, which is more important than the words part. let us always remember to live the gospel and not just go through the motions, so that our bread level is something that the people can appreciate, and not just have to choke down. 
3..yeah theres definitely more, but ill leave the rest of this sermon for a different day haha. sometimes its fun to make examples out of strange things.
anyways heres a few photos from this week, hope yall have a good week. things are going fast here.
Elder Gardner

sounds crazy mom! tell Jarom not to worry, just learn what to do if you see a bear. I was within 30 feet of one at Philmont well actually there was one that walked right outside my tent., just stay calm and dont scare it, they usually are more scared of us. but  that sounds like a lot of fun! love you mom, i honestly dont remember a lot of what happened this week but i sent my other email with the main news. pretty interesting week for sure!  heres a story though that no one knows. so we were in the other elders house after he left, i was looking through some papers when i hear a thud.  i thought, what they heck would be in here that would that sound? so then i looked, and i found a smartphone!! i started freaking out, but very quietly. no one is allowed to have that, and it was very well hidden. i thought about the options i had and concluded the following.1 i can take it, and just keep it under lock for when i get home. or 2 pretend i never saw it and put it back. or 3  call president and let him know. the spirit told me to first talk to Elder Carballo to figure out whose it was. so at this point no one knew that i had found it.  so i ask elder Carballo if I can talk to him for a minute . i bring him into a different room and tell him i just found something in your house, and im going to call president right now about it. do you have anything you shouldnt? he had no idea what i was talking about so i showed him the phone.   hes a good guy so i believed him when he said its not his.  then i called president, told him i found a smartphone. he was super sad to hear that the elder he just sent home also had a smartphone. he told me to just hold onto it until interviews and give it to him then. so that was interesting thing that happened this week! right now only 2 people know i have it, and im going to keep it that way so that other missionaries dont try to take it from me., theres a lot that would try to buy it off me i know. but yeah that gave me a huge rush when i found it! until interviews, it is hidden deep within my suitcase, where it will stay. i aint touching that thing ! love you mom have a good week!

Happy Mother's Day 5/15/17

Howdy y'all
 hope everyone had a nice mothers day, it was nice to talk to the fam for a little.. we had a busy week this week, we put together  a movie night for a missionary activity. we showed meet the mormons and had popcorn and soda.  we didnt have a lot of support from the branch, but somehow we got it all put together. haha our budget was less than $30. it was a pretty good success, we didnt have as many people as we had hoped but the word will spread for the next one we do.  i spent 4 hours cooking popcorn kernels in a little camping pot that we have, actually the only pot we have. but my popcorn was a huge hit and my comp said that i have the gift of popcorn haha. not exactly a spiritual gift, but if my popcorn brings souls to christ ill make it with gusto. putting everything together and figuring out all the details took up a lot of our time this week but in the end it was worth it and we have a few new investigators. 
other than that not to much has happened, weve just been trying to stay on top of all the work we have to do. but its been great​​! 
Elder Gardner

thanks dad! it was great to see you guys and share the same jokes that we had before haha! yeah weve been trying to work with members more, but a new rule just came out that we cant do splits with priests anymore. so its just hard to get 2 people at the same time who live close enough together that its not a huge hassle. but yeah we are working on it. sounds like it was a nice mothers day. love you dad, thanks for all your support!

5/8/17 No general email just responses to us

Hey dad! sounds crazy, you pretty much owned the whole shop then haha. (14 loads of laundry with our washer broken for a month but then borrowed one from Hawkins)
 not too much this week, some meetings and our normal visits. busy as always but not too much stands out. my comp doesnt let me talk a lot in the lessons which is kind of annoying. usually in a 40 minute lesson he only lets me talk for 2 or 3 minutes. pretty frustrating but im working on just jumping in when i can. love you dad miss you and talk to you soon! ill send mom the details, im actually with a different missionary right now because my comp wanted to go to the city for a zone activty, but to me its just losing 3 hours of our pday riding in a bus. so i stayed with another missionary close by. but yeah i think were planning on sunday at like 4 your time?  ill work on it. love you dad!
tell dad nice watch!!
ok so 5 oclock my time! i will count on that. idk what time my comp wants, but ill tell him im doing mine at 5 then.haha i dont even remember when i sent those since its been so long haha. but your package and letters arrived! thanks for that. it was awesome to get the letters from everyone, especially grandma and grandpa. i think thats the first letter ive gotten from him in many many  years. so that was awesome! thanks for everything. sounds like things are super crazy right now, i can barely keep track of whats going on. things are going good here. one lady told me how she had a dream that she was holding hands with me and walking on the beach. it was super awkward. but super funny after. yeah not too much this week. time sure has gone fast, already almost 1 third done here. but also gone pretty slow and i still have a long time ahead of me. love you mom!

Brennen got wisdom teeth out and we sent Josh the funny video
hahah that was so awesome haha. im gonna save it so i can wach it again later. he was way more entertaining than i was haha!

Baptism and Busy Week 5/1/17

Well its been another busy week here. I made a list of all the households that, ideally, we should meet with at least 1 a week, composing of uncontacted references, investigators, recent converts, and less active members. We have over 50! So much work that we have to do here, the hours go by so fast. It doesnt help that our area is so big and we send at least 2 hours a day just walking. Its been super hot lately, life is almost unbearable if you arent directly in front of a fan. Im just always kinda soaked in sweat, when we arrive at peoples houses they usually ask me if i just showered because of how much im dripping haha. but its fun and feels refreshing when theres a breeze! yeah i miss houses with ac.
 On another note... this week our golden investigator Jose was baptized! He wanted me to baptize him. Its been so amazing to see his change and acceptance of the Gospel and how his whole life has turned around from where he once was, as a severe alcoholic, to where he is today. He works in a barber shop with a member, and the member was just crying the whole time and gave a powerful testimony of how hes been talking with Jose and inviting him to church for the past 3 years, and how happy he is to see this change in his life. Members are the most important part of missionary work!
so the other day i woke  up at 330 in the morning, just super hot and super sick. I felt like i was about to pass out- i couldn't see or hear, and was way overheated. i sat up in my bed and just lost all my strength. I couldn't even pick my head up for a few minutes. it was probably the scariest moment of my life. I asked my comp for a blessing, and after that my stomach hurt a little but i felt fine after that. I knew that the priesthood is real and that heavenly cares about us and loves us. Im so thankful  that i was able to receive a blessing. The Lord is watching out for us and loves us.
Elder Gardner

Elder Gardner, Jose, Elder Sanchez

 Answers to Family Questions:
yes i can skype, im working on the details with my comp now, hopefully in a little i can tell you. im thinking maybe around 5 my time then, so that you have some time to get home and ready. my comp has a skype account so im just going to use his. we can use the branch presidents computer to do it. but im working it out! mothers day has come up very fast.
so for Brennen and his papers.. i would say go to missionary.lds.org first, just login using your email account. im pretty sure he can start by himself. yes i was an elder before, the stake president took  the group of kids that could go on a mission, taught them a little, and then we were ordained not too long after i think. idk exactly, that was a long time ago haha! um so for me bishop told the stake secretary that i wanted to meet with pres for my papers or whatever, then the secretary texted me and confirmed a time. you could ask bishop hyde about stating papers, he will know what to do even though hes not the bishop anymore and can atleast give you a starting point i think. yeah i dont remeber very good how everything worked, just that it did work in the end and here i am! thats awesome thats hes getting eready and starting them. and that he gets 2 mil mas!
with me and my comp, im pretty much nonconfrontal about things, i just kind of let them do their thing. i know i should say things to motivate and help them, but id rather just avoid a confrontation , about anything really. thats my difficulty so far. ive been pretty chill, just kind of taking things how they are and mainly trying to lead by example. love you mom! i do have some pics this week haha!

hey dad!
 im glad you got the driveway done. definite a lot of things in life that we just get caught up in sometimes. balance is also something ive been thinking about. everything that we do in life is important, but we need to keep things balanced.  i hope things work out for dallin, that's interesting. you are right about spanish though, i remember what you said last week how i need to keep talking Spanish with my comp. i need to make that a point so i can continue progressing, its something im working on because it just is so much easier to say things in English haha. but im working on it! I baptized my golden investigator on saterday! he is so awesome dad and is truly converted. IM so happy for him. Ill send pics  and some other stuff in my other email..We had interviews with resident again, it was nice to talk with him for a while about some doubts and things ive been worrying about. love you dad!

Another Letter 4/24/17 Mom asks for pics

Well not much this week exciting, just a lot of work. the hours are just flying by here. Me and my comp have a goal of making this branch into a ward before we leave this area. it has 11 years as a branch and still seems far, even though in the database it has over 500 members. The main thing this branch needs is priesthood holders, and we have a long list of potentials and people to reactivate. Usually, of our daily planning we only make about half the visits, because we find people on the way that we arent expecting. Its amazing how many people have been put in our path this past week.
SO one of our investigators is a 60 something year old lady. Shes kind of crazy but is super funny. Shes an eternal investigator because she has some problems with her marriage paperwork and is actually married to some guy in Spain and lives with the person she wants to marry here. But were working on that. Anyways usually when we go to her house she goes on some rant about something from Revelations or just some other crazy thing. This week we passed by her house  Saturday night to make sure she could make it to church. We've never visited  her in the night before, so it was much to our surprise when we found another pastor there! She definitely gets all her crazy ideas from this guy. We listened for a while then just kind of interrupted him in a loving way and said that we came to help her with some marriage paperwork, and we only need some information from her since it was pretty late, then he can continue. it was pure inspiration and i dont have time to describe exactly what we said but before he was just going on and on about 100 different topics but after that he just stopped talking and i could tell that he seemed to have a lot of respect for us. his attitude towards us completely changed. SO yes under the guidance of the spirit I know anything can be done.  anyways hope everyone had a good week. enjoy the sun, here we get a nice sea breeze most of the time. in the shade and late afternoon it is perfect, i just need to buy a hammock. 
Elder Gardner

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Love you!  Pictures!  Keep sending pictures:)  You are amazing! Love, Mom

no tengo ahorrita disculpeme! tal vez este semana voya

hey dad, sound like a lot of work on the driveway! dallin sent me a pic and its looking great. im about half and half with thinking in spanish,  the members all say that i learned pretty fast and that they understand what im saying, and i understand most of what people say. some people are a lot harder to understand but i definitely have improved alot. yes time sure has gone by fast, i cant belive it really. love you dad and miss you!

New Comp Elder Sanchez, No pic 4/17/17

Howdy yall ,
 its been a great busy week here. My new comp is Elder Sanchez! dont have a pic, he doesnt belive in taking pics during the week haha. But anyways hes from columbia but was raised in Utah! and is fluent in spanish and english. its fun to have an english comp. he has 1 year in the mission  and likes to work! something ive been waiting for in a comp. Anyways so last week we got our light bill. normally not a big deal, except that last month we never got it and they cut it after 2 months unpaid. my comp was freaking out and decided that we had to pay it right away. Being semana santa, on good friday, none of the buses were working, so we started walking to al centro in the hopes that a taxi would pass. we were almost halfway there when a taxi passed, but most of the roads were closed because of how much people were here on vacation so he pretty much drove us 2 blocks and then ripped us off. he dropped us off at an atm, but we needed to be at a banl to pay the bill. but, since it was good friday, of course all the banks and businesses were closed. we spent the next hour walking to the farther supermarket, where we could pay the light . it was a 3 hour adventure in the heat, but in the end we got it paid haha! so the beach here was completely filled with drunk people, just when we were walking around we saw so many drunk people just passed out on the side of the road. pretty sad but not much we can do.
 we had a super solid vist with Jose this week,  we tuaght him the word of wisdom. he said he doesnt like coffe anyways, and that in his AA meetings they have a tradition of coffe and donuts but he can substitute it for water and say hes mormon. haha this guy is so cool, and proof  that everything is in the time of God. He used to be a severe alcholic but one night when he was drunk he said he spent the entire night pacing his house, praying  that god would change him so that his family doesnt have to suffer through him. now hes a leader in the alchoholics anonymous. i could go on and on about him but he understands the doctrine, accepts it, and applies it. hes super excited for his baptism on the 29th!!

so somthing ive been thinking about is our agency. It is the only thing in this world that is truly ours, yet we have it to follow Gods will for us. Agency isnt for us to choose what we want to do, but for us to choose what God wants us to do. As we do this we will recieve blessing and miracles that we never thought possible, this i testify of. I hope everyone was able to spend a few moments the past week to think of the Saviors sacrifice for us. He knows us perfectly, better than we know ourselves and only through Him can I become something in my life. Jesus Christ lives and loves and I will be forever grateful to Him for accomplishing the Atonement, making it that someday I have the hope to be perfect, as my Father in heaven is. love you guys, hope you enjoyed easter.
Avanza Su Verdad!
Elder Gardner