Honduras San Pedro East Mission

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Time is Flying for Sure

Another good week, lots of meetings so it went by fast. We have our multizone conference on Tuesday so that should be fun. We've been working with the less actives more since there's a lot of members, but not many actives. The people here are super excited for Christmas! we have about 4 dinners already, but its always dangerous here so for Christmas Eve and Christmas we have to be in our house by 7. ay! I've had pancakes for breakfast every morning for the past 2 weeks, its a nice break from the other things we get fed for sure!
The people here all sell firecrackers that are super annoying, and super cheap so too bad I can't buy them hahah.
Be safe everyone!
Avaza Su verdad!
Love Elder Gardner
This was a fence  we had to climb this week, fun times!

Note to Dad:
Hey dad! Things are going pretty good here.We email from the church, in the clerks office. They had lots of problems with the internet cafes that we would be using otherwise, so President wants us to email fro  the churches. Yeah I've been sleeping a lot better, its mainly annoying birds that wake me up in the morning now. haha. the temp is pretty nice when its cloudy, but otherwise super hot and humid. no monkeys in this area, and yeah the pigs are used to people so they don't really care too much about anything, including cars. I think I'm going to be calling on the 24 now, try to in the morning. I've been trying to work out things with my comp but he just says pretty much whenever I want., but we still need to find a webcam computer ..  so yeah the morning of the 24 for now, maybe at our mutilzone conf on Tuesday President will say something. I have no idea how its going to work out.
Love you Dad I hope you get everything figured out. Sounds like a good time! love you

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Good Week

Good week, lots of service to start out our December month . Also had 2 more baptisms, its going pretty good here. thanks for all your support! it was my comps birthday so unfortunately we had lots of food this week.
Till next week!
Elder Joshua Gardner
12 Calle, Avenida Circunvalacion, S.O.
Edif. Yude Canahuati, 3 Nivel, Oficina 4
San Pedro Sula, Cort├ęs

To Mom:
Hey mom, not lots of time today, the other elders didn't plan so we have 5 others who haven't written yet with an hour of pday left. stupid but Ill try to write some. I've had less stomach trouble this week, pretty much just when members feed us. busy week lots of service. I wish I had more time since this is the only time I look forward to in the week!
Yes we have a flushing toilet, just sometimes no water. we buy 5 gallons of purified water, in the jugs. it gets delivered weekly. for the week, the pulperias usually have food we need or want, but usually every other week we go to the city to buy other things we need. most people here have a motorcycle or ride the bus, but my area is pretty poor. in the richer neighborhoods most people have a car.  I haven't heard of any problems with parasite yet but I'm sure they have them.love you dad  I don't have a lot of time today but its getting better each week.   I'm praying for you too. Yeah we have plenty of money fr what we need so don't worry about that. love you dad!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Still Alive

Thanksgiving Meal

Pretty good Thanksgiving ! I bought a potato from a little market and that was very exciting for me. We got bashed on by a Jehovah's Witness for about 2 hours so that was fun. I love how he just ignored when we taught him about Joseph Smith and just insisted that our beliefs are all wrong with scriptures. For me it just made it more clear that God is our Eternal Father, with His son Jesus Christ at His side and the Holy Ghost as a comforter. When we tried to testify he either interrupted or at the end he just left real quick. Kind of funny but he knows that we know what teach has power. 
So a less active we visited a week ago we saw in the church working on family history! that was exciting to see that we kind of rekindled her flame.
This week we visited a lady that we can only visit with other members. I guess she used to be in MS-18. Anyways were not allowed to accept any food or drink she offers us in case she tries drugging us. I guess shes tried to do things to other missionaries in the past so I don't even know why we need to visit her, but the bishop wants us to. So be it!
The Evangelical churches here kind of freak me out. We walk past them and people inside are just screaming their heads off. Its pretty scary. A church close by us had a revival that lasted 2 full days and a night. I did not get much sleep that night!
 Anyways pretty good week, i hope you all had a good Thanksgiving and were safe. I know these things I'm teaching out here are true!
Elder Gardner

This was my Thanksgiving feast! Also what the roads look like here a lot of the time, and me trying to get a picture with one of the pigs here, but he didn't like me much. Have a great week!

Note to Mom:
Doing good, have lots of stomach pain lately. Language is getting better, just need to study slash apply the grammar and learn more words. yes please send earplugs! just in the box though, they don't need to be a separate thing. Just something that would be nice to have haha. so we have about 500 in our ward, but only about 70 or 80 active. Pretty big area, so idk how many haha. but a lot for sure. some speak broken English, but most just know one or 2 phrases. It's been pretty cool while its been raining here!  This is the coolest time of the year though i think. its not too bad right now though, just the humidity. love you! oh and if you could also send  5 or 6 dollar bills, and some change. The missionaries from different countries like to trade, but i only have a 5 bill since i cleaned out my wallet before i came!  oh and also on my mp3 if you could put the songs from the cultural celebration and some Jericho road. Thanks love you!