Honduras San Pedro East Mission

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What's New 5/29/17 Memorial Day

Gotta stay fresh in your minds so here's another email. Well right now we have some pretty good investigators. One is this guy who has 75 years. His name is Charidad! He has this massive tumor on his neck and other some ones on his arms and different  places. But hes a super sweet guy and is always asking us when were coming back and when we have church again. Hes a little bit slower but is always so happy. He lives on less than $100 a month.
Another guy we have right now is Luis! We met him in a gas station here. He actually gave us a self reference. Turns out he lived in New York for a while and went to our church for 2 years! Never was baptized. Hes just scared of making a covenant with God, but if you have enough knowledge to be scared of doing it... You'd better do it. Anyways we taught him the plan of salvation and he has a ton of great questions! All he has to do is pray and I know he will receive the testimony hes looking for. He has some huge challenges that need to be overcome first, but he is humble enough to do it. Hes such a cool guy. 
These are just 2 of the amazing people were teaching right now. Anyways other than that  just been working here. another good week here in Tela.
Shout out to my cousins who got their mission calls recently Jessica to London and Jordan to Hawaii! You guys are awesome!
Love 💟
Elder Gardner

Wow! thats a lot of stuff that happened this week. thats awesome Brennen got offered a job just by his handshake, concrete is something i wanted to learn. but either way both are great options and he will learn a ton. hard work but good skills to know. yeah its true bro palmer has a lot of employees right now, but Ryans trying to get hired by one of the police departments so who knows. Thats crazy Dallin came home, but good that he doesnt have to deal with all the stress. congrats Jordan! ill do a shout out for them.
this week ive been pretty sick, i have something with my stomach. i wasnt able to eat a lot, i always feel pretty feel, basically my stomach wont process the food into my intestines if i dont take pepto bismal. But the nurse is one of the senior couple and im going to talk to her tomorrow to see what she thinks, and what i should do.its been kind of scary really. but other than that ive been doing not too bad! love you mom!

nice dad! sounds busy. for lessons if you want more participation, what i did is just split up the sections in the manual, 3 or 4 people have each section read it and discuss it, then we come together after a time and go through each section. we had a ton of participation when i did it like that. love you dad sounds like a lot of fun things coming up!

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