Honduras San Pedro East Mission

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Another Letter 4/24/17 Mom asks for pics

Well not much this week exciting, just a lot of work. the hours are just flying by here. Me and my comp have a goal of making this branch into a ward before we leave this area. it has 11 years as a branch and still seems far, even though in the database it has over 500 members. The main thing this branch needs is priesthood holders, and we have a long list of potentials and people to reactivate. Usually, of our daily planning we only make about half the visits, because we find people on the way that we arent expecting. Its amazing how many people have been put in our path this past week.
SO one of our investigators is a 60 something year old lady. Shes kind of crazy but is super funny. Shes an eternal investigator because she has some problems with her marriage paperwork and is actually married to some guy in Spain and lives with the person she wants to marry here. But were working on that. Anyways usually when we go to her house she goes on some rant about something from Revelations or just some other crazy thing. This week we passed by her house  Saturday night to make sure she could make it to church. We've never visited  her in the night before, so it was much to our surprise when we found another pastor there! She definitely gets all her crazy ideas from this guy. We listened for a while then just kind of interrupted him in a loving way and said that we came to help her with some marriage paperwork, and we only need some information from her since it was pretty late, then he can continue. it was pure inspiration and i dont have time to describe exactly what we said but before he was just going on and on about 100 different topics but after that he just stopped talking and i could tell that he seemed to have a lot of respect for us. his attitude towards us completely changed. SO yes under the guidance of the spirit I know anything can be done.  anyways hope everyone had a good week. enjoy the sun, here we get a nice sea breeze most of the time. in the shade and late afternoon it is perfect, i just need to buy a hammock. 
Elder Gardner

On Mon, Apr 24, 2017 at 4:32 PM, Nicole Gardner <wesandnicole@hotmail.com> wrote:
Love you!  Pictures!  Keep sending pictures:)  You are amazing! Love, Mom

no tengo ahorrita disculpeme! tal vez este semana voya

hey dad, sound like a lot of work on the driveway! dallin sent me a pic and its looking great. im about half and half with thinking in spanish,  the members all say that i learned pretty fast and that they understand what im saying, and i understand most of what people say. some people are a lot harder to understand but i definitely have improved alot. yes time sure has gone by fast, i cant belive it really. love you dad and miss you!

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