Honduras San Pedro East Mission

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Another Week 3/20/17

Howdy yall
so this week was pretty good. yesterday we had one baptism for us and another for the branch. kind of sad the baptism for the branch wasn't ours because this kid is super smart and understands what hes learned. Anyways this week we had divisions with the other elders, I was in their area and man haha their area is terrible. Pretty much just contacting all day, to people that don't come to the door or they come and say noones home , then will just leave and start having a conversation with someone else. interesting. Anyways, so right now we have the greatest investigator! He is a big leader of the AA here. He came last Sunday to church and said how impressed he was and how our church has order and discipline, something that none of the other churches hes been to has. One of the branch presidency gave him a triple, a hymn book a Teachings of Gordon B. Hinckley, and a study guide to D&C. We were teaching him and he said he already knows our church is true and that he will pray to know for sure. He accepted a baptism date and it is so awesome to have him. he is the kind of person who when you speak with him you just feel that he is a natural leader, and he has such a cool story of how he used to be an alcoholic but turned his life around and now spends most of his time helping others turn theirs. He is the type of golden investigator of the mission haha. Hes pretty much converted himself already and i wont be surprised if by our next visit hes read the whole BOM. Anyways super excited to be teaching him something that hes been looking for, as it says in D&C that people don't have the truth because they don't know where to find it. its  great to be out here. 
Elder Gardner
ahi disculpe for my bad spelling, dont have time haha

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