Honduras San Pedro East Mission

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

New Comp Elder Sanchez, No pic 4/17/17

Howdy yall ,
 its been a great busy week here. My new comp is Elder Sanchez! dont have a pic, he doesnt belive in taking pics during the week haha. But anyways hes from columbia but was raised in Utah! and is fluent in spanish and english. its fun to have an english comp. he has 1 year in the mission  and likes to work! something ive been waiting for in a comp. Anyways so last week we got our light bill. normally not a big deal, except that last month we never got it and they cut it after 2 months unpaid. my comp was freaking out and decided that we had to pay it right away. Being semana santa, on good friday, none of the buses were working, so we started walking to al centro in the hopes that a taxi would pass. we were almost halfway there when a taxi passed, but most of the roads were closed because of how much people were here on vacation so he pretty much drove us 2 blocks and then ripped us off. he dropped us off at an atm, but we needed to be at a banl to pay the bill. but, since it was good friday, of course all the banks and businesses were closed. we spent the next hour walking to the farther supermarket, where we could pay the light . it was a 3 hour adventure in the heat, but in the end we got it paid haha! so the beach here was completely filled with drunk people, just when we were walking around we saw so many drunk people just passed out on the side of the road. pretty sad but not much we can do.
 we had a super solid vist with Jose this week,  we tuaght him the word of wisdom. he said he doesnt like coffe anyways, and that in his AA meetings they have a tradition of coffe and donuts but he can substitute it for water and say hes mormon. haha this guy is so cool, and proof  that everything is in the time of God. He used to be a severe alcholic but one night when he was drunk he said he spent the entire night pacing his house, praying  that god would change him so that his family doesnt have to suffer through him. now hes a leader in the alchoholics anonymous. i could go on and on about him but he understands the doctrine, accepts it, and applies it. hes super excited for his baptism on the 29th!!

so somthing ive been thinking about is our agency. It is the only thing in this world that is truly ours, yet we have it to follow Gods will for us. Agency isnt for us to choose what we want to do, but for us to choose what God wants us to do. As we do this we will recieve blessing and miracles that we never thought possible, this i testify of. I hope everyone was able to spend a few moments the past week to think of the Saviors sacrifice for us. He knows us perfectly, better than we know ourselves and only through Him can I become something in my life. Jesus Christ lives and loves and I will be forever grateful to Him for accomplishing the Atonement, making it that someday I have the hope to be perfect, as my Father in heaven is. love you guys, hope you enjoyed easter.
Avanza Su Verdad!
Elder Gardner

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