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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Baptism and Busy Week 5/1/17

Well its been another busy week here. I made a list of all the households that, ideally, we should meet with at least 1 a week, composing of uncontacted references, investigators, recent converts, and less active members. We have over 50! So much work that we have to do here, the hours go by so fast. It doesnt help that our area is so big and we send at least 2 hours a day just walking. Its been super hot lately, life is almost unbearable if you arent directly in front of a fan. Im just always kinda soaked in sweat, when we arrive at peoples houses they usually ask me if i just showered because of how much im dripping haha. but its fun and feels refreshing when theres a breeze! yeah i miss houses with ac.
 On another note... this week our golden investigator Jose was baptized! He wanted me to baptize him. Its been so amazing to see his change and acceptance of the Gospel and how his whole life has turned around from where he once was, as a severe alcoholic, to where he is today. He works in a barber shop with a member, and the member was just crying the whole time and gave a powerful testimony of how hes been talking with Jose and inviting him to church for the past 3 years, and how happy he is to see this change in his life. Members are the most important part of missionary work!
so the other day i woke  up at 330 in the morning, just super hot and super sick. I felt like i was about to pass out- i couldn't see or hear, and was way overheated. i sat up in my bed and just lost all my strength. I couldn't even pick my head up for a few minutes. it was probably the scariest moment of my life. I asked my comp for a blessing, and after that my stomach hurt a little but i felt fine after that. I knew that the priesthood is real and that heavenly cares about us and loves us. Im so thankful  that i was able to receive a blessing. The Lord is watching out for us and loves us.
Elder Gardner

Elder Gardner, Jose, Elder Sanchez

 Answers to Family Questions:
yes i can skype, im working on the details with my comp now, hopefully in a little i can tell you. im thinking maybe around 5 my time then, so that you have some time to get home and ready. my comp has a skype account so im just going to use his. we can use the branch presidents computer to do it. but im working it out! mothers day has come up very fast.
so for Brennen and his papers.. i would say go to missionary.lds.org first, just login using your email account. im pretty sure he can start by himself. yes i was an elder before, the stake president took  the group of kids that could go on a mission, taught them a little, and then we were ordained not too long after i think. idk exactly, that was a long time ago haha! um so for me bishop told the stake secretary that i wanted to meet with pres for my papers or whatever, then the secretary texted me and confirmed a time. you could ask bishop hyde about stating papers, he will know what to do even though hes not the bishop anymore and can atleast give you a starting point i think. yeah i dont remeber very good how everything worked, just that it did work in the end and here i am! thats awesome thats hes getting eready and starting them. and that he gets 2 mil mas!
with me and my comp, im pretty much nonconfrontal about things, i just kind of let them do their thing. i know i should say things to motivate and help them, but id rather just avoid a confrontation , about anything really. thats my difficulty so far. ive been pretty chill, just kind of taking things how they are and mainly trying to lead by example. love you mom! i do have some pics this week haha!

hey dad!
 im glad you got the driveway done. definite a lot of things in life that we just get caught up in sometimes. balance is also something ive been thinking about. everything that we do in life is important, but we need to keep things balanced.  i hope things work out for dallin, that's interesting. you are right about spanish though, i remember what you said last week how i need to keep talking Spanish with my comp. i need to make that a point so i can continue progressing, its something im working on because it just is so much easier to say things in English haha. but im working on it! I baptized my golden investigator on saterday! he is so awesome dad and is truly converted. IM so happy for him. Ill send pics  and some other stuff in my other email..We had interviews with resident again, it was nice to talk with him for a while about some doubts and things ive been worrying about. love you dad!

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