Honduras San Pedro East Mission

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

5/8/17 No general email just responses to us

Hey dad! sounds crazy, you pretty much owned the whole shop then haha. (14 loads of laundry with our washer broken for a month but then borrowed one from Hawkins)
 not too much this week, some meetings and our normal visits. busy as always but not too much stands out. my comp doesnt let me talk a lot in the lessons which is kind of annoying. usually in a 40 minute lesson he only lets me talk for 2 or 3 minutes. pretty frustrating but im working on just jumping in when i can. love you dad miss you and talk to you soon! ill send mom the details, im actually with a different missionary right now because my comp wanted to go to the city for a zone activty, but to me its just losing 3 hours of our pday riding in a bus. so i stayed with another missionary close by. but yeah i think were planning on sunday at like 4 your time?  ill work on it. love you dad!
tell dad nice watch!!
ok so 5 oclock my time! i will count on that. idk what time my comp wants, but ill tell him im doing mine at 5 then.haha i dont even remember when i sent those since its been so long haha. but your package and letters arrived! thanks for that. it was awesome to get the letters from everyone, especially grandma and grandpa. i think thats the first letter ive gotten from him in many many  years. so that was awesome! thanks for everything. sounds like things are super crazy right now, i can barely keep track of whats going on. things are going good here. one lady told me how she had a dream that she was holding hands with me and walking on the beach. it was super awkward. but super funny after. yeah not too much this week. time sure has gone fast, already almost 1 third done here. but also gone pretty slow and i still have a long time ahead of me. love you mom!

Brennen got wisdom teeth out and we sent Josh the funny video
hahah that was so awesome haha. im gonna save it so i can wach it again later. he was way more entertaining than i was haha!

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