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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Happy Mother's Day 5/15/17

Howdy y'all
 hope everyone had a nice mothers day, it was nice to talk to the fam for a little.. we had a busy week this week, we put together  a movie night for a missionary activity. we showed meet the mormons and had popcorn and soda.  we didnt have a lot of support from the branch, but somehow we got it all put together. haha our budget was less than $30. it was a pretty good success, we didnt have as many people as we had hoped but the word will spread for the next one we do.  i spent 4 hours cooking popcorn kernels in a little camping pot that we have, actually the only pot we have. but my popcorn was a huge hit and my comp said that i have the gift of popcorn haha. not exactly a spiritual gift, but if my popcorn brings souls to christ ill make it with gusto. putting everything together and figuring out all the details took up a lot of our time this week but in the end it was worth it and we have a few new investigators. 
other than that not to much has happened, weve just been trying to stay on top of all the work we have to do. but its been great​​! 
Elder Gardner

thanks dad! it was great to see you guys and share the same jokes that we had before haha! yeah weve been trying to work with members more, but a new rule just came out that we cant do splits with priests anymore. so its just hard to get 2 people at the same time who live close enough together that its not a huge hassle. but yeah we are working on it. sounds like it was a nice mothers day. love you dad, thanks for all your support!

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