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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Another Week, Another Convert 3/26/17

We had divisions again this week, I was with a buddy from the CCM , Elder Curtis! It was fun to work with him for a while. One of the members gave me a banana and I played with it the whole day and used it to make weird examples of things we were teaching haha. Its kinda fun to stretch your mind into making something work as an example. So the city government here has been protesting for a few weeks, because they haven't been paid in over 6 months! All the workers showed up every day and just sat outside the building and refused to work. We walked by after divisions and there was about 10 military police outside the building and all the workers were gone That's one way to end a protest. I guess they figured out a contract where they got paid for 2 months right away and a schedule for the other months. I would be mad too though if it took 6 months to get paid haha. We had a baptism, her mom didn't give permission for last Saturday but we were able to show her how much her daughter has changed in the past few months  so she said yes. ha so yesterday I met a lady that is 107 years old! She was drinking coffee and watching a television sermon haha. We teach Sunday school every week, and I gave a talk last week in church. This branch is pretty small, but there's still enough happening here.
Have a great week everyone
Love Elder Gardner

so the guy on the end in this picture is Hermano Stell. He used to be a preacher in a baptist church but was converted maybe 2 years ago. He teachers elders quorum every week and he still teaches like a baptist haha. Hes super funny though and helps us a lot with the work.
I took the other one in a cemetery at night, fun times

hey mom yes i like the updates, its fun to know whats going on. thats crazy with everything. what school did riley go to? other than evit.  thats crazy with the ward, sad that we lost the palmers, but they still live in the same place haha so its ok. idk what to say really, dont feel very good right now. kinda sad also lately. yes we get to watch conference this week. yes i miss you guys though and just being with the family.its probably best that im here right now though with all the crazy things that are going on in the family. love you mom . oh i washed my sheets and blankets this morning, handwashed haha. its kinda fun just takes a while. love you  momo​

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