Honduras San Pedro East Mission

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Mom's Poem and 4/10/17

Good week. We have a brand new senior couple that our working in our district! Its super cool to work with them. Elder Diaz was stake president and stake patriarch in his stake and knows a lot. They are kinda worried that they dont know how to be missionaries, but really all you need to serve a mission is described in D and C 4 so I reassured them that they will be fine. SO this week we had a drunk guy come up to me. He gave me a hug then started asking me about Hitler. We were like, well hitlers dead. then he said, no the guy with the hair. "trump?" yeah him, tell him hi, and that we are all america. there is no wall in america because we are all america." then he took my lession 1 pamphlet that i had, opened it to the page about prophets and said that these guys are the owners of america. haha it was pretty funny and suprising that he knew exactly where everything was. SO this week we have changes in the mission, my comp is leaving and im getting a new one. Sad to see him go, only been with him 6 weeks and it was a ton of fun with him, and a ton of crazy things that happened here with him. This week is Semana Santa, supposedly the hottest week of the year. there should be a ton of people here in Tela for the beach since all the kids dont have school, and lots of people dont work this week. so it should be fun. Its not to hot though, theres always a nice breeze goin even when the sun is hot, and it cools down quick in the evening. on sunday we had stake conference, no one showed up from our branch except like 3 people so we canceled the bus and rode in the half cab of a members truck. it was a fun 1 and a half hour ride. but afterward we went to a cool restaurant where we had a ton of food, probably the best food ive had in honduras haha. Side note, im learning a little garifono, the languange of the black people here. its super cool. Anyways till next week pues.
Elder Gardner
this picture is probably bad quality, no one in this country knows how to use a camera haha. Just a kid in the ward that wanted my comp to baptize him. and then the other is our leaders after conference. Super fun guys. 

My poem on the Holy Ghost:
I love you all!

Still, Small, Quiet yet Divine Power
Comfort and Calm amidst the storms
Hope of Better yet to come
Whispering Love when I would feel anger or hurt
Gentle nudge in the right direction
Prompting to Serve
Forming Genuine Charity within me
Encouraging when in doubt or depressed
Burning to share testimony and experiences
Expanding Knowledge and Understanding
Teaching Forgiveness
Confirming Eternal Truths
Reassuring that I Am Enough
Gently Guiding, Sometimes Chiding
My True Friend
Nearest to my Savior
Giving a Glimpse of what I can Become
Purifying my Heart and Mind to align with Action
As I follow, there is Peace.
Am I listening?

By Nicole Gardner
April 9, 2017

Hey Mom, Elder Curtis was in the ccm with me and we are good pals. haha yeah i heard about his camera, he thinks it was one of the missionaries that took it. yeah i have some more with him, but not many. sound like fun with the fam and everything. as far as you callings go, maybe theres someone in cub scouts that only you are able to help.i cant remember which talk  it was that said something similar to this but everyone is where they are for a good reason mom! or maybe you can learn something from one of the scouts, i dont know. i think about this a lot since we have a lot of changes in the mission that i dont like, you know how i hate change haha. speaking of change my comp is leaving, im actually pretty sad about it. weve gotten super close and have had a lot of fun together. hes probably been the best friend ive ever had  and has been fun to work with. I figured out that he is like a mature, spanish edition of Adam Hargrave hahahahaha. he does a lot of similar things so its been so funny to watch him. love you mom, praying that dad gets better.

Thanks my boy!  That's exactly what I needed.  Change is difficult and sometimes being stuck is just as difficult but you are right...  We don't always know why we are needed just where the Lord puts us and sometimes it's for our own growth:)  I love you! Mom

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